How can I book a date with you?

It is super simple. The first step is to text me. Once we have agreed on the date’s details, you can go ahead and send the deposit. Once I received the deposit, our date is confirmed!

What can I do to make our date even more special?

Make the booking process as easy and painless as possible by providing the deposit and reading through this entire page before we meet. Be respectful and kind. As well as thoughtful and treat our date as you would any first date with someone that you’d like to impress. I am always impressed by friends that bring along small gifts, such as flowers and some of my favorite treats. A list of my favorite refreshments and beverages is available on the Favorites page. While gifts are never expected, I am always delighted by surprises.  After all, what woman doesn’t like to be pampered with something unexpected and special? It’s definitely the easiest way to set yourself apart as the gentleman I adore and spoil in return. See my Favorites page for surprise ideas. Lastly, relax and enjoy yourself! I love meeting new people and I guarantee we will have plenty of fun together!


I will arrive in something tasteful and venue-appropriate. My standard flavor is business appropriate. I love to dress up for you so that I am looking and feeling my best and I appreciate it when gents do the same. All gifts must be presented at the start of the date. If you want to make a strong impression, I prefer a book or gift bag to an envelope or card; please present it to me at the beginning of our date. Please do not make me ask for it.  Please also bring refreshments, either a bottle of Champagne or a bottle of French red wine, such as Burgandy. I find it to be the perfect addition to a date. Please keep the bottle unopened until my arrival. I also appreciate plenty of sparkling water.

Why do you require a deposit?

I absolutely do not meet without deposits. Please do not insist. Deposit is a form of screening. I don’t date anyone who is not willing to send a deposit. It takes time, effort, and money to get ready and figure out logistics. Sending the deposit is a sign that my time is valued and respected, before and during the date. If someone is not willing to send a deposit that reflects this upfront effort and investment, then I am not willing to proceed with the date, and I suggest looking for companionship elsewhere.

When will you visit my city?

I am based in Manhattan, New York City and I tour a few times a year. Sign up for my newsletter with your number to know when I will be visiting your city. You will receive a text message with the city and dates. If you cannot wait, I can come to you. Details below…

Travel and FMTY

I am adventurous at heart and love to travel to and on dates worldwide. I am also the perfect addition to your business trip. Flights and accommodation must be paid in full at the time of the booking along with a 50% deposit. The remaining fee is due at the beginning of our time together. Business-class airfare is appreciated, along with accommodations and all travel expenses.

Extended dates

For dates that are a day or longer, please allow at least six to seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. Additionally, allow daily one solitary hour for beautifying and another 30 minutes for me to attend to personal affairs.


Like the old saying, cleanliness is next to godliness! Studies show that sudsy showers, neat grooming, and fresh breath are the best ways to start a date on a high note! Please be freshened up. A shower, fresh towels, and even a new toothbrush are at your disposal if you’d like to freshen up at my upscale incall.

Are your rates negotiable?

No, any attempt to negotiate the rates will ensure contact is ceased and your number is blocked.

Do you take clothing requests?

As much as possible. You can trust that I’ll always look stylish, sexy, and sophisticated during our time together. I always look my best for our time together and appreciate it when you do the same. In case you want to see me in something in particular, please feel free to purchase it before our date and I will be happy to wear it. We could either go shopping together or if you would like to surprise me and purchase it before our date, my sizes, and favorite brands are listed on the Favorites page.

What kind of service do you offer?

I offer an upscale experience and this should be enough information for you to decide on going on a date with a lady like me. If you insist on me listing acronyms of services offered, I’m not the provider for you and I encourage you to seek someone else.

Do you require or give references?

Absolutely, not. I do not require references to meet new friends and I do not kiss and tell. I value my privacy and also for safety reasons, I do not provide references under any circumstance.

Do you have reviews? 

Same answer as the above. Reviews are not allowed and will the individuals will be reported to black lists.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Please forward the document a minimum of 24-48 hours in advance of our date so I have enough time to review it.


The listed rates are for my companionship and time only. Anything that may, or may not, occur is between two consenting adults and for which there is no contract or compensation.  It will be understood that anyone contacting me understands and accepts these terms. I reserve the right to decline appointments when I deem them necessary.

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